Eyes of Mine
eyes of mine ( MOMA 25.5.1969 ) 


And if you should leave me
I would say that the ghost of Cassandra
has passed though me eyes
and I would say that the stars in their malice
Merely light up the sky to stretch my torment......

Ben Okri

Rita April 2012
ALYX April 2012
Kusama and I want to Live Honestly , with other bits

ok , heres the flower coat ! I uploaded the wrong image and cant work out how to delete it !

YAYOI KUSAMAS FLOWER COAT .I dodged the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern to see Yayoi Kusama , I thought it would be the lighter option . How wrong I was . A deep sense of disconnection, not helped by her manic incantations that follow you around the show 

if I cant have Clifton Beach with its beautiful bodies, I can have Titian at the National Gallery.

Callisto , from Ovids metamorphosis:

And now the moon has now nine times lost her light............

The naked huntress , all her shame revealed,
In vain her hands the pregnant womb concealed.
Clifton Beach Cape Town. The next day we were back in UK .

from head to foot - I blame my hairdresser....
Jenny watching TV . Daar to Cape Town . April 

 Alyx hard at work - again 

Fela and Bubbles 

 Girls lunch in Cape Town , with Rita and Alyx , but with our heads in the clouds

Me at The Hogarth Health Club , and yes I realise there are only 30 days in June ! But it did start on April fools ....
A Swedish Easter at Cecilia and Bengts farm near Wellington
far too cold to get out of bed today . So had a Maillol morning

 Fela and Bubbles