Subomi !
Adorable Subomi , who goes to Ibadan International School, posed for me for my next book. Thanks Subomi ! 

Lagos Ibadan expressway. Going very slow and stuck behind this truck.....

A quick trip to Nigeria. This is Aunty Victoria , she has worked with our family for 17 years and now works on one of the farms. 

Mythe Hooke on the River Seven
Spring alongside the River Seven. Mythe Hooke , out the back of King John's Castle .

portrait of a freind
portrait of a friend , for a friend

Work has started on my next book for Frances Lincoln "Counting Chickens!" . Working on the characters , just a little challenging when sitting in Tewkesbury !

reminiscences. Ades birthday. 

It stopped raining , for about 5 minutes . A spring evening looking towards the Malvern Hills. Finally have the hang of layers with the brushes app.

Alyx hard at work - again ! 

A sunday cocktail of Hugh Masekela , Duncan Mighty and Maillol.
Scatter my Dada

Scatter my Dada

Abuja Pot and Spring Greens.
I think this needs to go furthur. The leaded glass , some of it dates back 100's of years , is very irregular , some has a slight tint, a wonderful patchwork of ( very very wet ) greens.

After days and days of rain, a little morning sunlight.