autumn pond . A brief patch of blue sky ....

November landscape. Berrow cabbage fields late afternoon light

Kruishof Farm, Wellington, Western Cape . Little winter landscapes

Lagos : oil on Keknapep ( Bellini in WA ) 

Acrylic on fishing boat . Eleyele ,Ibadan. To illustrate Gabriel Okaras : Call of the River Nun

Oil on market Umbrellas : Wheatfields in Oyo state 

"Hooked on Books' at Eastnor Castle. A beach mural for Acorns Hospice in Worcester. With many thanks to all the busy hands that helped !

 A trip to Cape Town and visits to the studios of Dance for All 

The Run Through 160 x 120 cms

Dance for All : Cafe Cabaret

YANGA ! mural for a Lagos client : fabrics, molue bus , queues and Lagos slang 

Peace, who posed for the VW Beetle 

from an Ibadan garden , June 2013

Comfort and Favour

Favour , Ibadan June 2013

A pieced together mock up. Chatterlies .

Back to Michelangelo to find a beautiful man to paint 

Gillys lillies : my paint brushes 

Gillys "Blue Flowers" . 

landscape from Eastnor Estate

Gilly and Cliff Poultneys Summer House. " Chatterlies" . Based on the original draft of the novel where Mellor is a stone mason .
A Family portrait. Oil on a 1979 VW beetle ! Ibadan , Nigeria

my caravan . With thanks to Manet , Michelangelo , Maillol . Dejeuner sur L'herbe comes to my garden .

Musee Rodin

Picasso at the Orangerie Paris

Musee Maillol

Alyx on x-trail